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Knowledgebase: Linux
Can I use a standard vServer as a backup MX relay?
Posted by John Imison on 11 May 2007 10:26 AM
If you host your own email in the office using a system such as exchange and the office has an ADSL line you may wish to have a backup mail exchange for your domains.  The following steps will assist you in setting up a backup mail exchange for domains hosted on a local server.

  • You have a static IP address dedicated to the mail server.
  • You already have mail for the domain name pointing to the mail server in the office and have appropriate MX records setup
  • You have knowledge of SSH and linux command line

The below steps were tested using our vServer 2 product. 

1/ Ensure that the mail boxes are configured and working properly on the office exchange server

2/ Login to the VPS and edit /etc/mail/relay-domains adding the following lines:   smtp:[]

This informs sendmail that it should direct mail for "" to server "".  "" can be a domain name or IP address.

3/ Within the /etc/mail directory run: make all

4/ Add a MX record to the domain with a number greater than your office exchange server so that mail is only delivered to your VPS if the exchange server is unreachable.

5/ Monitor the /var/log/maillog file perhaps with "tail -f /var/log/maillog"

6/ Test sending an email manually and watch the logs.

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