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Domain transfer away form
Posted by Michael Upton on 21 September 2011 03:07 PM

If you wish to transfer a domain away from iDAQ for whatever reason please take note of the following before making a final decision.

If you have a new website host there is absolutely no need to transfer the domain away. The new host might make it sound like it's a requirement but all you simply need to do is point the domain to the new hosting company. iDAQ are one of the cheapest providers for domain registrations and renewals.

You should check and verify you're transferring your domain to a hosting provider that has a reliant network and good uptime. It's worth checking important factors such as do they have their own IP network or are they themselves reliant on another network provider for their services. iDAQ runs it's own network from top to bottom with it's own data connection links to multiple peering providers on the internet and owns it's own facility and hardware so have full control for quick resolution if there are any outages. A host who simply hosts their services on another hosting providers network can see increased resolution times if there is a fault at some point along the way causing downtime of your website due to them being the middleman and having to contact other hosting providers to resolve issues.

Don't take our word for it. Please see independent websites regarding our network's uptime -

For security that we know the domain transfer away has been initiated by an authorised individual we request customers to fill in a domain transfer away form which you can find a link for below. Fill in the form correctly and include any relevant proof of ID such as a passport or drivers licence if this domain is registered to an individual and also a signed company letterhead by the managing director if this domain is registered to a company.

You can either fax or mail us the completed form. Fax number and address are located at the top of the form.

 domain transfer away form.pdf (193.70 KB)
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