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Email bouncing issue in Parallels Plesk Panel
Posted by Michael Upton on 22 December 2011 04:44 PM

Parallels the developers of the Plesk control panel have put out an announcement that a recent issue with a virus definition auto-update introduced an issue whereby emails scanned with the Dr.Web anti-virus module can cause many genuine emails to be bounced due to an error. Parallels published a manual fix for the problem which iDAQ dedicated server customers can perform via an SSH terminal session.

This issue is currently limited to Plesk for Linux operating systems ranging from Plesk versions 8.6 to 10.

Change into the directory /var/drweb/bases

cd /var/drweb/bases


Delete the file named update.drl inside this directory:

rm -rf update.drl


Download the following file using wget:



Now change the ownership of this newly downloaded file to be the drweb user and group:

chown drweb:drweb update.drl


Then run the following command and wait for it to complete:

sudo -u drweb /opt/drweb/


Now edit the following config file with your preferred text editor:

vi /etc/drweb/drweb_handler.conf


Locate the two options and change them to the following:

ScanningErrors = pass
ProcessingErrors = pass


Finally restart the Dr.Web service:

/etc/init.d/drwebd restart

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