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We can accept paypal payments from verified paypal members. Please send payment to and include your login ID and invoice numbers.
By default if you have provided us with credit card details payments are taken automatically to settle each invoice when it is due.
If you are outside of the EU we do not have to charge you VAT. If you are in an EU member state and can provide us with your valid VAT registration number you will not be charged VAT after the first invoice. UK customers always have to pay the VAT.
You can pay any due invoices or orders from your iDAQ control panel. Please login to your control panel and go to: Control Panel Home > My Account > Billing Management > Billing History You will see a list of all you billing documents for you...
If you have decided that you no longer require and would like to cancel a particular subscription and you no longer wish to receive renewal orders, you may submit a request for that subscription to be terminated. To do this: * Login to your control pan...
Our invoices are sent out two weeks before the renewal date for your services so when you first join us as a customer you will receive your first renewal invoice after around two weeks.
As part of our fight against online fraud, orders from new customers are subject to numerous checks before they are approved and provisioned.   If you have ordered using a mobile telephone number or a free email address your order will not be proce...
Log into your iDAQ Control Panel [1] Once logged in click the My Account tap at the top of the page. Here you can see various account related billing facilities such as: Renewal orders and invoices for subscriptions. Vie...
Futurepay is a service provided by Worldpay which we use to automatically debit your credit card each month when your service invoices are due for payment.   You can cancel your Futurepay agreement at any tme, this will not automatic...
We accept Mastercard, Visa, Switch, Solo, Delta & PayPal, plus bank transfer and cheque payments from UK based banks.
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