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We do not charge for the service of transfering your domain to iDAQ.
We do not charge any fees to transfer domains to other registrars.
To change the owner of a .uk domain name you will have to contact Nominet UK and request a registrant change form. For other domain names please contact us to arrange this for you.
To transfer your domain to us from uk2 please go to the following form after placing your order with us.
To transfer a domain to iDAQ simply go to our secure store page and select the 'Domain Registration and Transfer' option. But before your do that please read below for important information regarding transfers. For .uk domains all you need to do is reque...
Yes you can transfer the domain to another registrar and they will then bill you for future renewals. You will also no longer have access to our free web & email forwarding, DNS control or low cost renewal charges. Transfers can be submitted after 60 ...
An isp has to become a Nominet tagholder in order to manage .uk domain names. When an ISP becomes a tagholder they have to sign a tagholders agreement. This agreement states that they must do a tag change without any unreasonable delay providing they ha...
An Auth Code is only needed for .biz .org .info .name domains. The Auth code (usually 6-16 digits) works just like a password and is used to protect your domain from unauthorised transfers. If you are the current owner of a domain, you should have recei...
Registrar-lock is a feature is used to prevent unauthorised domain transfers. Only your current registrar can disable/enable a registrar-lock. With the lock enabled you can not transfer your domain, you must contact your registrar to have it disabled.
This could have happened for a number of reasons, a transfer is not possible if: The domain is under "REGISTRAR-LOCK". Registrar lock can be enabled/disabled by your registrar; this feature is used to prevent unauthorised domain transfers. The ...
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