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There are no Registrant or location restrictions for .at - anyone can register an .at domain from any location.
Registrants do not have to be located in Belgium to register a .be domain. Orders may take up to three business days to complete. Transfers or modifications to a domain name's ownership information will result in a charge equal to the price of one year'...
The minimum registration term is one year. Registrants must meet the following Canadian presence requirements. Canadian Presence Requirements. Only the following individuals and entities will be permitted to apply for the registration of, and to hold a...
.cc is the ccTLD for Cocos (Keeling Islands), and is also accepted to represent "Chinese Corporation," "Country Club," and others.
.ch is based in Switzerland and there are no location or nameserver restrictions.
There are no requirements for .cn domains- any organization or person in the world can register a .CN domain. CN domains can only be registered/renewed up to a maximum of 5 years. Please note that .CN domains are deleted three days after their expiry dat...
In order to register a .DE domain you must have presence in Germany. The registrant or the person named as the administrative contact person for a .de domain must reside in Germany. The registry will validate this requirement at the time of the registra...
In order to register a .fr domain the Registrant must
There are no registry restrictions concerning who can register .in domains.
Only entities residing in or belonging to a European Union member state can register a .it domain. The administrative contact must be from the same entity applying for the domain. All DNS zones must be pre-configured beforehand. The following infor...
Every .nl domain name registration requires a form stating the prospective registrant's place of residence. .nl domain names are only available to residents and businesses with a valid address in the Netherlands.
.tv is based in the country of Tuvalu. There are no nameserver or location restrictions so anyone can register a .tv domain. .tv domains may be registered for any term between one and ten years.
The .uk top level domain is separated into a number of second level domains, abbreviated to SLDs.
Prospective registrants in the .us TLD must fall in one of three U.S. Nexus categories and must certify that they have a "bona fide presence in the United States." Prospective registrants must indicate their use of the domain by selecting one of...
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