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In order to provide a high level of technical support we only install the Plesk control panel on our dedicated servers with the exception of the Cobalt RaQ servers which come with the standard RaQ control panel. If you wish to uninstall the Plesk installa...
You can use our servers for any purpose that is legal in the UK and comply with the various legal documents available on this site. It is your responsibility to ensure that your activities are legal in the UK. We will terminate any services that do not co...
We do not provide support for any gameserver software but you have full root access to your dedicated server and providing you have the necessary skills you can install any software you like.
We do not tolerate spam. Any accounts sending email to internet users that have not specifically and directly requested it will be terminated immediately.You can send bulk email to your customers providing they have requested it using a double opt-in syst...
None of our products have a setup fee other than our dedicated server management.
All our servers are connected via 100mb/s switches onto a Gigabit Ethernet backbone. Please view our datacentre page for more detailed information. Our service is very reliable and as a result we can offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
Some products are automatically provisioned when you complete the order, providing you make payment online. Other orders may take up to 8 hours to complete, such as dedicated servers, although it is usually much quicker than that.
Orders from new customers are Fraud screened before activation. This usually take a couple of seconds to complete but sometimes our systems recommend that manual checks are done.   Orders must also have a valid telephone number entered when comple...
There is very little difference between a dedicated server and a virtual private server. They both provide full root access to the operating system and both allow you to install your own software and system libraries. The main difference is that a dedicat...
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