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The default administration login details for a fresh installation of Plesk are: user: admin pass: setup You will login via a url such as this: https://[yourdomain.tld or IP address]:8443 When you first login you will be guided through some basic config...
For all the URLs below, use your FTP login and password when prompted. For non-ssl web stats go to: http:// [yourdomain.tld] /webstat/ For ssl web stats: http:// [yourdomain.tld] /webstat-ssl/ For FTP stats: http:// [yourdomain.tld] /ftpstat/ Fo...
When you log into your account you will see a button titled 'IP Pool' click that and you will see a list of your IP addresses. In the 'Hosting' column click the number and it will show a list of domains using that IP address. Then for the domain you w...
Please visit you can find answers to many of the common questions about Plesk.
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